PRICHARD, WV — Lt. General Michael T. Flynn officially endorsed former West Virginia House Delegate Derrick Evans for U.S. House of Representatives in West Virginia’s first congressional district today. “I wholeheartedly stand behind Derrick Evans and endorse him for Congress in West Virginia‚Äôs 1st congressional district,” General Flynn opened, voicing his support for the January 6th Patriot who served time for peacefully protesting the theft of the 2020 election. “Derrick Evans knows the America First movement is one that puts families first and leads to prosperity for ALL Americans, not just those picked by RINO elites, Godless Democrats, or the cynical establishment class in Washington D.C.,” continued the General. “Derrick’s advocacy for election integrity and against the devastating lockdowns and mandates has been second to none in West Virginia and nationally,” Flynn said. About Derrick’s time served in federal prison, the General had the following to say: “Derrick has risked more than just about every American in his fight for Donald Trump, election integrity, and the America First movement. I have no doubt his loyalty and determination to wage the battle against communism’s strong and evil hold on many of America’s institutions will never wane.” “The mainstream press and establishment in both parties know Derrick will be a key threat to their house of cards, and it’s easy to see why.  Derrick’s backbone, without a doubt, will scare many in the Washington D.C. swamp,” Flynn continued. “I strongly support Derrick Evans for Congress in West Virginia’s first congressional district,” concluded the General. “General Flynn knows better than just about anyone other than Donald Trump or myself what it means to be targeted for removal by the Deep State,” Evans said. “So I’m honored to stand and ‘Fight like Flynn’ in the struggle to save our Republic,” he said. Evans is running a spirited campaign against incumbent Carol Miller, who has so far refused to endorse President Trump. Evans, who has officially called on U.S. DOJ’s Special Counsel Jack Smith to move the trial of President Donald Trump to West Virginia, as Trump suggested in the days leading up to his indictment in D.C., is a staunch supporter of President Trump.  “The continued abuse of the judicial system by China Joe Biden and his cronies, combined with the failure of weak Republicans in Congress to stand up to the out-of-control communist freight train has our nation on a dangerous path,” Evans observed.

“I’m running for office to prove that the American Veterans who gave their lives for this country did not do so in vain,” Evans said. “To do that, we must restore the rule of law and the consent of the governed,” he said.   
Derrick Evans is a January 6th Patriot who peacefully protested Joe Biden’s theft of the Nov. 3, 2020, U.S. presidential election.  He has been endorsed by General Mike Flynn, Mike Lindell, Kim Klacik, and Veterans for Trump. Derrick was first elected to the West Virginia House of Delegates in 2020 as the first Republican to win his District in over 98 years. Derrick won the multi-member House District almost the size of the current WV State Senate District in a landslide victory. Derrick married his college sweetheart Melissa (Pierzchala) who is a first generation American. Together, they have four children. Derrick is running to represent Southern half of West Virginia in Congress.