PRICHARD, WV —  The Oil & Gas Workers Association endorsed former West Virginia House Delegate Derrick Evans today in the campaign for U.S. House of Representatives in West Virginia’s first congressional district. “Our oil and gas jobs, economy, the great State of West Virginia, and our national security are under attack every day. We need elected representatives who will stand up to radical “environmental” groups, misguided politicians, and hostile foreign nations intent on destroying our Republic,” reads the statement, made by Matt Coday, President and Founder of the Oil & Gas Workers Association (OGWA). “Former Delegate Derrick Evans knows producing America’s vast natural resources strengthens our national security,” Coday continued. “Derrick sounds the alarm on China’s aggression and radical “Green New Deal” policies that threaten our way of life,” he said. “In D.C., Derrick Evans will work to secure our borders and elections, and put American workers and families first,” said the president of the OGWA, which has forty-seven thousand members in thirty-three states. “Oil and gas Workers Association proudly endorses Derrick Evans for Congress and encourages every citizen in West Virginia’s 1st Congressional District to support him with your vote.” Evans is running a spirited campaign against incumbent Carol Miller, who has so far refused to endorse President Trump. “West Virginia’s Oil & Gas workers, together with our miners, are the heartbeat of the mountain state,” Evans said, “so there’s nobody I’d rather stand and fight with than the OGWA and everyone they represent,” Evans said. “By contrast, liberal Carol Miller rolled out the red carpet for Bill Gates when he visited West Virginia as he worked to bring his ‘green energy’ nonsense to our state, which is specifically designed to crush our coal  and natural gas industries,” Evans explained. “Even worse, Carol Miller voted YES on Barack Obama’s “Green New Deal” and taxpayer subsidies for the climate wackjobs. It’s BS, and West Virginians shouldn’t put up with it, let alone vote for a politician who supports it,” Evans challenged.  “If we’re going to compete with China at all, we have to speed up federal and state permitting for drilling, pipelines, refineries, gas processing plants, and LNG export terminals,” Evans said.

“Greenies like Carol Miller won’t roll back costly, unnecessary regulations that hinder USA oil and gas production because she’s scared of the environmentalists,” Evans explained.

“Only by driving investment in American oil and natural gas will we foster economic development and create more jobs,” Evans said.”I’m not the only one giving Carol Miller a hard time on backing Obama’s Green New Deal,” Evans said. “The Heritage Foundation spotlighted her vote for many of Obama’s worst policies with their Heritage Action Scorecard,” Evans said. “Per Heritage Action, the $1.5 Trillion Omnibus & Supplemental Package quote ‘doubles down on the Green New Deal style government subsidies for green energy and climate policies’ end quote,” Evans said. “West Virginia simply cannot afford to send someone like Carol Miller to D.C.,” Evans said.   “More energy production means lower energy prices for all Americans — something West Virginia desperately needs after almost four years of Joe Biden,” he concluded.The Oil & Gas Workers Association is a grassroots, independent trade association working to secure, grow, and sustain American oil and gas jobs and fighting for American workers, from opposing bans on gas and diesel powered engines, to banning China from buying farm land and mineral rights on U.S. soil, to opposing the so-called “Green New Deal.”  OGWA was founded in 2015 by an oilfield truck driver and has grown to over 47,000 members nationwide.  The organization is run for and by oil & gas workers, and represents every American who works in oil and gas industry and every American whose job is supported by that vital industry. 
Derrick Evans is a January 6th Patriot who peacefully protested Joe Biden’s theft of the Nov. 3, 2020, U.S. presidential election.  He has been endorsed by General Mike Flynn, Mike Lindell, Kim Klacik, and Veterans for Trump. Derrick was first elected to the West Virginia House of Delegates in 2020 as the first Republican to win his District in over 98 years. Derrick won the multi-member House District almost the size of the current WV State Senate District in a landslide victory. Derrick married his college sweetheart Melissa (Pierzchala) who is a first generation American. Together, they have four children. Derrick is running to represent Southern half of West Virginia in Congress.